I just recently got into Webtoon’s and began reading graphic novels again. I came across one called, UNTOUCHABLE, which  I found very interesting. Once I began reading, I was easily hooked. I quickly fell in love with the characters and the artwork. The best part was that it was in color. Plus, the music in the background that went along with each scene was also an interestingly new twist, that made it different from reading regular manga and Manhwa.
“UNTOUCHABLE” by Massstar is about human contact. Sia Lee, one of the main characters is a vampire who feeds off of humans through physical contact.  Rather than biting like traditional vampires, She must touch a human to feed off their energy.
One day, Sia bumps into a human named Jiho, who emits a different type of energy than she is used too. Sia was hooked- compelled, she needed to touch him again.

She even winds up moving next door to him. Naming him after her favorite food, “Chicken”. But, Sia Lee still has a difficult time trying to touch or even get close to him.  Jiho suffers from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder aka OCD. It’s like Jiho does whatever he can just to avoid her.

Sia Lee must now find another way to get what she wants from Jiho.

How will she do it?

You’ll need to read the Webtoon to find out?

This story has plenty of romance, comedy, and complimentary music.


 I look forward to more work from this author.

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