5 WebComics for Black History Month 


Happy Black History Month. I’m a sucker for a good story. Over the past two years, I’ve read a lot of pretty interesting ones. The webcomic game specifically has been coming with heat. Diverse Stories, by diverse creators with bold characters and storylines full of imagination. So let me put you on!  Here are 5 WebComics for Black History Month. 

Lmly is a light-hearted romance featuring characters Leon and Sofia. After being paired up for a school project, Leon agrees to be Sofia’s “fake boyfriend” to keep her friends at bay and also get a little closer to his crush. 

Every once in a while, I like cute shit. And things don’t get much cuter than this story. The artwork is gorgeous. I like how the color choice gives off this retro feel even though it’s clearly modern. Fashion, Hairstyles, and cell phones give that away but the duality works. 

Random Observations of Lmly

This is a high school story but oddly enough it feels…mature! It’s messy but in a classy way- You feel me! Leon has some pretty solid friends and Sofia has some pretty questionable ones which makes things interesting. High School is a really tough time in general and having the right or wrong people in your corner will either smooth that out or make matters worse. So a very big shout to Emi, Dante, and Diane too, Sofia needs the type of love too – solid through and thru. Sofia and Leon are likable characters and I’m willing to bet you’d fucks with them too! 

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I don’t know why it took me so long to hop on The UnCommons but it’s good. The story follows a young lady named Iris who has a vision of the end of the world. Fleeing her hometown in hopes of alerting people to the apocalypse, she finds herself in Delta City, where she meets new allies. Will Iris and her friends be enough to save the day? 

This story is special. Iris is the young black lead I imagine a lot of kids need to see and some adults too. She’s smart, kind, and unshakable. Even when things that could literally and metaphorically break her come into play.  She doesn’t back down! She keeps trying. Seeing that type of resilience admirable. 

Enters The UnCommons

The artwork is really nice! It feels nostalgic, like an old 90’s animated series but new all at the same time. It’s bright and feels like a superhero story and If you’re into that type of thing too, check out The UnCommons. 

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Not sure, If I ever mentioned it before but I love superheroes.  Especially ones with unconventional heroes. That’s what you get with Jupiter Men. After the disappearance of the town’s very own hero Jupiter Man, Siblings Quintin and Jackie stumble into their own set of powers which for Quintin is a dream come true. But things, aren’t as simple as they seem when they find themselves faced with the reality of being a hero. Can the twins make it back in one piece? 

Thoughts on Jupiter Men

Unlike the other stories on this list. I don’t believe Actionkiddy is a black artist but features Black characters nonetheless.  I love the character designs, artwork (like bright colors), and the story so far. I’m a sucker a story where a superhero fan gets to be heroes or heroines themselves. Jupiter Men lays out both good and bad aspects of saving the day but with a lighthearted take. I love that! Everything doesn’t have to be gloom and doom all the time. Sometimes they can just be moments. So check out Jupiter Men. 

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BlackSun is a new read for me.  But so far, I’m really enjoying it.  The artwork is stunning! the character designs and the use of colors as well. It gives this somber and dark feel, while in other moments uses vibrant blues and other colors to enhance attack sequences. There is magic, demons, ninjas, and childbirth all in the first chapter.  

BlackSun starts off with a bang and I’m all the way here for it.  The series follows Yu as he comes to undercover his destiny and also learns that he may be its last hope against an ancient threat. BlackSun also comes with a nice little doze of gore. If you are into that type of thing and a pregnant black woman throwing hands. BlackSun feels very much like your typical battle shonen manga and can’t wait to see where it goes.  

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Space Farmer Phen is another story that I stumbled upon while searching for Comics for this post. Phen is an introverted space farmer who is known for producing the freshest crops in the galaxy. Add space pirates into the mix and you got yourself a light heart and fun story!  

Reflection on Space Farmer Phen

The illustrations and color scheme come together to nail the space vibes. It feels expansive and mysterious! – Ominous like I think space would be! With this one, you get Robots, Aliens, Space cadets, and Pirates. This story is silly but in a good type of way. I chuckled more than I was expecting. Teira has a nice sense of humor. It’s subtle! and it helps to keep things light.

A comic about a Space Farmer is wild but the cheekiness of it makes the whole thing work. I like quirky and unique ideas. Random enough, Phen loves strawberries and not much else. Things are interesting. If you looking for a chill comic to read, that you could easily binge through check out Space Farmer Phen. 

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5 WebComics for Black History Month

There you have it! 5 WebComics for Black History Month. Have you read or have any plans to check out any of these titles? If not? What are some webcomics by Black Creators featuring Black leads that you would recommend? Drop them below and let me know what you think. 

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