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Comic Books, Manga, Graphic Novels, or however you refer to them, have been responsible for delivering legendary stories to the masses. And for many of us, there is a want for more diverse stories by creators that better reflect all of us. I won’t go into full detail as to why but for all intents and purposes. It’s simply because people want to see themselves in the media they consume. Here is a list of 5 Black-Owned Manga/ Comic Book publishers (Black History Month Edition) here to answer the call. 

So let’s get it!

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source: godhoodcomics.com

Godhood Comics is a black-owned comic book publisher based in Atlanta Georgia. Founded by Tyler F. Martin, with the goal to highlight and foster more diversity in comics. By focusing on stories centered around Black, Indigenous, and other People of Color. Created by Black, Indigenous, and other people of color. Take a journey with Godhood.

Suggested titles: Keisha Carter is Mega Woman and The Antagonist. 

Godhood Comics

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source: blackjoseipress.com

Black Josei Press is a comic book publishing company founded by Jamila Rowser in 2018. Based in Miami, Florida. Finding heavy inspiration in Josei Manga, BJP is on a mission to change the landscape of comics. By having a focus on grown folks and making space for marginalized creators. Those who have historically been overlooked for opportunities. With the help of Black Josei Press, Black, Queer, Latinx and disabled creators can tell their stories backed by a founder that understands them and the stories they want to tell .

Suggested titles: Gordita: Built Like This and Wash Day Diaries

Black Josei Press 

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source: saturday-am.com

Birthed through its parent company MYFUTPRINT ENTERTAINMENT. Saturday is a manga anthology magazine was founded by Frederick L. Jones, to pay homage to the Anime, Manga and Cartoons that he grew up on. With three divisions Saturday AM (for Shonen), Saturday PM (Seinen), and Saturday Brunch (Josei). Saturday Magazine is on a mission to promote interesting and diverse IP (Intellectual Properties) . 

Suggested titles: Apple Black and Clock Striker. 

Saturday Magazine 

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source: Smorishita.com

S. Morishita Studios is founded by Sharean Morishita. It’s a self-publishing comic book company with a mission of creating dope stories and educating others to do the same. With 5 webcomics, 3 comic books, and graphic novels under her belt. Sharean has over a decade in the comic industry, she is a wealth of knowledge and makes a point to share it. Tips, Tutorials, positive affirmations and guidance for beginner comic creatives. 

Suggested titles: Love! Love! Fighting! And School Memories 

S. Morishita Studios

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Source: millennialcomic.com

Welcome to the Millennial Comics Universe. It is an imprint founded by Vonnell Young, to usher in a new generation of comics. The journey begins with the Delta Dogs to set precedent. MC Universe also features wizards/witches, government agencies, gang members, and creatures, unlike anything we’ve ever seen before. With the intention of emulating a world similar to our own. Tag along for the journey.

Suggested titles: Delta Dogs 

Millennial Comics

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There you have it- 5 Black-owned Manga/Comic Book publishers looking to shake up the Industry. Who are some other indie Black Publishers that you are aware of? What are some of your favorite Comics by Black creators? Let me know in the comment section below.

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