Where Tangents Meet (Webtoons)


I came upon another webtoon that caught my eye called Where Tangents Meet created by Instantmiso. I was looking for a love story and came upon this one while reading Sirens Lament by the same author. This was a romance story that had me hooked from the very beginning.

The story follows Landon Takahashi and Rachelle Fletcher, and the trials they face in their relationship. Landon is well-known because of his famous mother and sister who are both actresses.  And because of this Landon struggles, always worrying about what others think of him.  The fear causes Landon to avoid his true passion, astronomy because he is afraid of how his peers might treat him. Landon also struggles with self-acceptance because of his family’s fame.  When he encounters Rachelle, she changes his life and herself as well.

When Rachelle meets Landon, several encounters follow and she finds herself trying really hard to form a friendship with him.  Rachelle continues to push towards Landon all the while he tries to drive her away.  But when she needs help he can’t help but assist just like her friends in the student council.

Rachelle is also part of the student council. They’re a close-knit bunch that would do anything for her.   Due to her ditziness, it is very hard for her to develop relationships with others.

The funniest thing is that Rachelle’s older brother Roscoe happens to be Landon’ s roommate, who is also on the student council. Rachelle’s brother Roscoe is very protective of his little sister due to an incident in her past.  This reason caused her to be very ditzy.

Landon and Rachelle begin developing feelings for one another. As their relationship develops they learn more about each other and begin to discover their self-identity. Landon and Rachelle both struggle with their past. They go through many trials and tribulations and regardless, what comes at them they overcome any obstacle. As their relationship grows stronger, so does their love and self-acceptance.

This story is very good. If you are looking for a romance to read. I suggest you check it out.

One of the great things about Webtoons is the music that accompanies every chapter.
Instantmiso is a good artist. I love how she draws comics and the characters. I loved all the shirtless Landon scenes. I love how adorable Rachelle is in the story. This is a good story to read if you have not read it already. Check it out.

If you want to read more stories by Instantmiso check out her current series Sirens Lament. It is also a good read. If you like love triangles this is for you.

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