5 Indie Black Manga and Comic Book Publishers


I’m a sucker for a good story. One of my favorite ways to experience storytelling is visually. While movies and TV programs are magical There just somethin’ special about written media like Comic Books, Manga, and Graphic Novels. They capture stories in ways that other forms just don’t. As I find myself, in search of what these mediums have to offer. 

The more I learn about the people who are tryin’ to make things happen. For those of you, who want more! I’ve got another list for you! 5 Indie Black Manga and Comic Book Publishers to be on the lookout for!

source: onsorugo.net

Onsoru Go! is Chicago’s first black-owned Indie Manga company!  Their platform boosts as a home for over a dozen different titles created by creators of color. Founded by the talented Sejibotto, and Khalil Halim.  Onsoru Go! It is coming stacked with titles like Slump Land X, Soul-Ace, G.A.N.G, and many more! 


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source: studiomaho.com

Studio Mahõ is a Black-owned manga and animation studio founded by Patrick Thomas Jr. and Ayinde Hall.  They’re on a mission to create stories with relatable characters and diverse stories. With high standards and even higher expectations for each title. With titles like God Punch and Blade Titans Studio Maho is slated for greatness. 

Studio Maho

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source: wildstarpress.com

WildStar Press is a small indie comic book publisher founded in 2019 by Akira Brown. Through their personal goal to spread their work across the globe, the uphill climb will be slow but necessary because quality is everything!  Sharing messages both positive and relatable to bring them closer to their dreams.  Representation matters and Wild Star Press is ready to show you why.

WildStar Press

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source: dreamfurycomics.myshopify.com

Dream Fury Comics is an independent publishing company founded in 2016 by Newton Lilavois. Their debut webcomic Crescent City Monsters received four Glyph Comic Book Awards which led to more comics.  With dark subject matter, and stunning artwork. Dream Fury Comics is one to keep an eye on.

Dream Fury Comics 

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source: earthtonekingdom.com

P.SO the EarthTone King, an artist from Buffalo, NY launched EarthTone Kingdom in 2022 after a successful Kickstarter Campaign for “Gateway to Greatness”. He wanted to create stories similar to the West African tales and other stories he grew up on. Other titles under their roster are Kimi Kosmic, Dragonface, and Droneslayerx. We look forward to seeing what comes next. 

EarthTone Kingdom

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There you have it-  5 Indie Black Manga and Comic Book Publishers. Do you have any recommendations? Put me on! Better yet, What are some of your favorite Comics by Black or other creators of color? 

Let me know in the comment section below.

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