Marvel's Runaways Cast Revealed


I saw a few write up’s on this a few months ago.  I was hyped.  This was something I was waiting on for a while.  And now that it’s official. A cast photo has been released, proof that this is really going down.

I didn’t know what to say. I was utterly speechless. Days later, I’m still fumbling for the right words. Which is crazy, because I purposely sat with this so I could write an interesting post in response.  But still notta…

But what I will say,  they nailed Karolina and Alex pretty damn accurately. Though I was expecting Alex to be a shade or two darker.  But If I’m being honest, the entire cast looks awesome.  Aside from Molly’s name change, I think she may also be a bit older.

Which is pretty damn cool. That in itself will affect the dynamic. Molly was the younger and they mad a point to treat her like a youngin’.  This could possibly give her level footing with the other members.  I honestly just hope that wasn’t a change for shipping purpose.

This is a common thing to do in coming age tales.  And also, half the team hooks up in canon.  But I digress! LOL
I just found out today, that the trailer has been leaked. And it looks, pretty good.

Check it out and let me know what you think?

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