Nostalgia and Joy: Reliving Power Rangers Memories at BKCC 2024


The Original Cast

Brooklyn Comic Con 2024 had a great lineup of panels for their con, and I got to sit in on the Might Morphing Power Rangers Reunion Panel. The cast members who were special guests were Walter E. Jones (Black Ranger Mighty Morphing Power Rangers), Carla Perez (Rita Repulsa Mighty Morphing Power Rangers), and Blake Foster (Blue Ranger Power Rangers Turbo). The trio shared so many memories with us about their time working on their respective shows and new Power Rangers projects that they are a part of or want to be a part of.

The Moderators and MMPR Cast: Blake Foster, Carla Perez, and Walter E. Jones
The Moderators and MMPR Cast: Blake Foster, Carla Perez, and Walter E. Jones
Read more: Nostalgia and Joy: Reliving Power Rangers Memories at BKCC 2024

The Memories of Power Rangers

My childhood was reeling in front of me as they described parts of the series I loved and the characters I adored as a kid watching the show. I was glued to the TV for every episode premiere, rooting for the Power Rangers each time. When Carla started talking about how it was to play Rita as the villain of the series. Imagine being able to go to work doing what you love, making a character fun, and making it your own. I loved her description of the creative process she took to bring the character to life. I can tell she had a lot of fun bringing Rita to life.

Walter E. Jones play Zack was fun as hell as a kid. The mixing of hip-hop and martial arts was creative at the time. Hip-Hop Kido was his fighting style, and he brought the theatrics to fights. Walter being a Black actor in a new series was also a big deal and solidified him in history. Zack was always my favorite because he looked like me on TV. Seeing any Black people on TV turned me into Issa Rae.

History was made by Walter E. Jones, portraying the black ranger. His appearances at cons and interactions with the fans will keep his legacy alive. All MMPR fans love interacting with him at cons and panels because of how cool and nice he is. Walter’s portrayal of Zack made watching Power Rangers fun with hip-hop influences. I will say, looking back, that it’s kind of cringeworthy how Black characters were written. All we can do now is laugh at it and do better.

Blake Foster played Justin Stewart in Power Rangers Turbo. We all remember him as the kid living all our dreams on TV, playing a Power Ranger. Even as a child actor, he did a great job in the seriesqa assuming the mantle of the Blue Turbo Ranger. Back then, special effects were far and near, and it was awesome to see because it was new for all of us.

Having Blake transform into a grown man every time he powered up and went into his suit was a cool effect. Looking back at it now, it was kind of funny to have a child play a Power Ranger, but we weren’t here for the storytelling anyway.

When Nostalgia Hits Home

I’m short and didn’t beat the tall people to the front, lol.

As the panel winded down and the audience was able to ask questions, we got a treat from Carla as she performed a few of Rita Repulsa’s lines. It was so joyous to hear after so many years; we all clapped and screamed in joy. Carla’s big smile after our reaction made my heart melt. Seeing our childhood memories grow old with us is such a bittersweet feeling. As fans get older, and we watch people who portray characters we love, we enjoy walking back down memory lane. Being at that moment with them is why panels like this should continue to happen at cons across the country.

Your inner child gets to see their favorite characters age gracefully, and as adults, you get to celebrate them. I always love going to reunion panels of my favorite shows. Seeing how people interact with each other after so many years and getting to relive the memories with them is one of my favorite parts. Seeing their faces light up as they tell a story or remember something funny happening on the day of the shoot, and seeing people basking in happiness as they engage with us as fans, brings me joy.

If you frequent cons, and they ask for feedback, I always suggest a reunion panel. Another panel to sit in is when people are giving information about something you’re interested in, like building cosplays, starting a comic or manga, and the list goes on. Con panels are limitless; it’s a place where we all come together and express ourselves. So if you’re at a con, and you see a reunion panel or informative panel on the schedule, take some time and sit there. Watch the faces and emotions people associate with their memories, and bask in their happiness along with them as a fan. You will love the feeling you get from watching them.

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