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Overview by Author:

In a world past, music was everything. It permeated social issues, society, and culture. At the root of it all was a mysterious force known only to some as “The Tempo.” Those that knew of it were gifted with enlightenment and pushed this knowledge forth in music – Hip-Hop. A group of enlightened minds combined this with martial arts and banded together into a clan that called themselves the Samuraidaz.

Yet, as there is a light side to the Tempo, its looming shadow reared its ugly head in the form of those who would use the Tempo to achieve money, glory, and women. This Dark Tempo gradually built upon itself until the day came when it overloaded and destroyed most of the world. In the aftermath, the government vilified the Samuraidaz, as they were the only known experts of Tempo.

The Samuraidaz fell, the world was broken, and in the ruins, an upstart faction of Tempo users known as the “Black Order” subjugated the remaining government and took control of the shattered world, claiming they were the only ones capable of balancing the Tempo and bringing things back to normal.

Yet, hope for the world lies in the last of the Samuraidaz: Beat Modal, son of the murdered leader of the clan who lives in seclusion with his caretaker, Old Pops. Distant, withdrawn, but skilled, Beat is the only one capable of facing the Black Order and truly restoring balance to the Tempo, whether he wants to or not.

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