Black History Month Spotlight: Afroella


The next black comic in our celebration of Black History Month is Afroella Created by Gemma Bedeau the writer and Lee Fenton-Wilkinson the illustrator.
Afroella_1At NYCC 2013 I bought the first issue of Afroella and got it signed by creators Gemma Bedeau and Lee Fenton-Wilkinson it was nice to have them both sign it.This comic is a limited series of 4 issues I have issue 1. Currently waiting for issue 3 and 4 information to come up before I purchase issue 2. I started loving Afroella as soon as I walked by the booth because the character resembles me  and looking fierce with her fro and purple suit. A female superhero is always something I look for and for it to be a black woman gets bonus points from me and I had too have it.

Representation Matters!

Summary from kickstarter: Afroella is a new kick-ass Glyph Award nominated comic book series from writer Gemma Bedeau and artist Lee Fenton-Wilkinson who together form the dynamic duo Kromatron Comics. Afroella is inspired by our love of 1960s sci-fi, rocket ships, robots and giant monsters then sprinkled with an appreciation for Blaxploitation and cheeky pop culture references.
It’s a lighthearted, funk fueled comic space adventure which has led to Afroella being described as “Foxy Brown meets Captain Kirk”

I have to agree throughout reading this I laughed all the way though the 60s slang and Afroella’s virtual assistant Diva is the cherry on top I find this duo too cute to give up I can’t get enough of them and I’m going into the second issue and i’m looking forward to what issue 3 and 4 have ahead for Afroella and Diva adventures in space.
One thing that caught my attention was “Agent 36-24-36 codename Afroella” I thought that was clever. I didn’t think about it until after I finished the the issue and those measurements are what the ideal woman proportions should be in the 60s. The 60s had some of the funniest slang to hear in this day and that what gives the Afroella comic its unique quality.

I hope people get to read this comic because they are worth it, I wish blessing on top of blessing for Gemma and Lee and their future projects.

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