Tenshi Nanka Ja Nai (Manga)



Art and Story by:  Ai Yazawa
Genre: Slice of life and Romance
Run: September 1991 –November 1994
Volumes: 890′s manga on fleek.

But seriously, this was a really good manga. I came across it while researching information on my favorite Manga: Tenshi Ja Nai. Both manga, shares some similarities but not as similar as one may think based on what the title may imply.
Midori was very likable. And so was Akira. I feel like they were good for each other. More so Midori for Akira, but his influence can be seen on her as well. The fact, that their names translate the same way is pretty cute.

I also really liked the Lupin the 3rd cameo. Nah, it wasn’t really Lupin but Ken (Midori’s friend) looked like Lupin.

Bunta was one of my favorite characters but I have no clue why.
Either way, check it out if you haven’t. And let know what you think?

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