Miss Marvel Jumps into the MCU

Source: Marvel Comics

A clip has been circulating online of Kevin Fierg the President of Marvel Studio hinting at a possible induction of Kamala Khan, New Jersey’s very own Miss Marvel. For those  who are unfamiliar, Khan is a Pakistani American teenager of the Islamic faith who gains her powers in a “freak accident” like many of her hero counterparts. President Fierg doesn’t go into details on how or when they plan to introduce Kamala to the MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) but allow me to ramble and speculate. But before I jump into it.  Check out the clip below.

For starters, the mere idea of being able to see this character visually presented on-screen is enough to get me hype. Having seen the heights that Black Panther reached in the fictitious land of Wakanda, in these times we live in seeing a Muslim youth in a similar glory is so needed right now! I want Muslim children to be included as well. I want middle eastern children to know what this feels like because Miss Marvel is representative of both.

Aside from the aspect of representation and all the equality stuff, I’m also happy because Kamala is just a likable character.

She’s like a lot of us, Miss Marvel is a nerd. She likes video games, reading fanfiction and hanging out with friends. Her peers never really get her, she is also a kid who loves superheroes and gets a chance to become one. That in itself is literally one in a million. I’m grown as hell and still wish I could be a Super Hero.

I would love to see her be introduced during Captain Marvel since she is Khan’s inspiration. So what better time than in a movie focusing on her idol to make her debut.  Could be via a mention, a quick cameo appearance but it would be even nicer if she had some plot to dive into. Khan could be Danvers wing-woman like how Spider-man was to Stark.  They could even just use a simple cameo where she sees Captain Marvel in action and becomes inspired to be a hero. That’s the beginning of her story I’d be okay with either to be honest.


So what are your thoughts on Miss Marvel possible involvement in the MCU? Who are some characters that you would like to see introduced to the MCU?  Join the conversation, let me know what you ink in the comment section below.

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