4 WEBTOON's I'm Currently Reading


I’ve dived into the world of WEBTOON. I’m kinda late to the party but I’m here all the same. While I haven’t fully immersed myself there are few stories that I’ve come to love and I’m going to talk about them.

First up, Let’s play by Mongie is about an aspiring game developer named Sam. Before the ball can really get rolling, her first project success is derailed after a bad review from a popular gaming personality. Oddly enough, he ends up being her new neighbor and things aren’t quite the same.

One of the best things about Let’s Play, is the artwork, the color palette also suits my taste. I love how diverse the cast is, they’re likable and very relate-able. I also love the fact that this story revolves around things that I find myself involved in like content creation, video games, and dogs. More specifically, having a dream, chasing that dream while trying to balance them out with hobbies and toiling away at a job that you don’t really want to help make ends meet. This web comic has so many layers, so be sure to check it out.

Haxor by Walter Ostlie Haxor follows a young hacker by the name of Iso in an alternative future where the internet is replaced by a technology known as The Frame. After the murder of her friend, Iso finds herself and her team under fire. I’ll be honest, I was drawn to this particular story because it has a black female lead and I stayed because the story-line and characters are interesting.

While I’m not necessarily a techie, all this computer talk has definitely enhanced the experience. Haxor also has a pretty diverse looking cast but what I love most is the overall aesthetic. The artwork has a grunge feel that adds to the drama building in the story. Visually the mood is set so well and I’d also like to add that Iso is a bad-ass, that reason alone I feel that Haxor is worth checking out.

The World Where I Belong by GMOW is about a High school student named Kouki who meets a girl named Airi after attempting to commit suicide. This superpower wielding young lady identifies herself as a Savior.

From the start, my favorite thing about this comic is the art style, it’s dark but at the same time really pretty. It has some level of transparency to it but its subtle, kind of like hiding something out in the open. I also like that fact this toon is covering the topic of mental health. It’s a much heavier story then the two stories I mentioned prior. I am reading because I enjoy the story and I’m curious for what the story holds for Airi, Kouki and even some of his classmates, so I’m looking forward to seeing this story unfold the most.

Then lastly we have Super Secret by Eon. Emma is a college student living alone (in what I assume is South Korea). She is extremely close to her neighbor Ryan and his family. After being introduced to a classmate by a friend her world begins to look a lot different. She eventually learns about the secret Ryan has been keeping from her there entire life, he’s a werewolf.

I really love the artwork in the comic, the watercolor painting style is something I really appreciate. Aside from that, Emma and Ryan remind me of Sakura and Syaoran of Card captors Sakura. So I’m sort of around for nostalgia sake but I have to admit that series pretty funny and it’s cute, that’s what I like most about it.

These are the four WEBTOON I am currently reading. What are some WEBTOON or web comics that you are currently reading? What are some you think I should check out? Join the conversation below and let me know what you think?

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