I Hate You More Than Anyone (Manga)


I Hate You More than Anyone centers around Kazuha Akiyoshi eldest of the Akiyoshi clan. Oddly enough, alot of Banri  HIdaka’s stories are about this famiily. This story follows her blooming relationship with hair dresser Maki Sugimoto whom, she eventually marries. The story takes place in the past; I estimate about 7 or 8 years via the manga release which was in 1998.
What I enjoyed most about this manga was Kazuha interaction with the rest of the cast. When she was anger you could see it. When she said she was confused,you could see it. When she was happy, it was clear and even with all these conflicting emotions, she seemed human. At least to me.

It is common for characters in a shoujo or manga in general to be simply that characters; fictional beings. I found myself feeling for both her ups and downs. Maki is definitely a handful. Senko was a trip and aside from that a family. Lol
But before, I was able to finish this manga. DC the parent company, discontinued their  manga branch CMX. They pulled a Toyko Pop.

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