Absolute Boyfriend (Manga)


Absolute Boyfriend by Yuu Watase was released in March 2003 and ran into February 2005. Consisting of 6 volumes which were released by Viz Media in the North American Market. (Which I currently own) Spawning a live action series in Japan back 2008. A Taiwanese version released in 2012. And their also a rumored South Korean Version on the way.

This story follows Riiko Izawa and her growing relationship with her nightly lover doll Knight. And also her budding relationship with her friend/neighbor Soushi Asamoto; the prince she never realized she had. Riiko accidentally ordered, Night from a company called Kronos Heaven whom over the course of the series are a constant problem for the 16 year old.

Likable characters. A LEGIT love triangle was built. I genuinely felt bad for Riiko. I would also like to add, I laughed alot. This was one of my first manga, so I highly recommend this.  Night Doe!


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