Bitter Virgin by Kei Kusunoki

Bitter Virgin follows high school student Daisuke Suwa and his developing relationship with his classmate, Hinako Aikawa.  He overhear her confessions while in church. Daisuke is stunned and takes on the role as a protector of sorts.-

I was drawn in by the title. And to my surprise, The actual story was nothing like what the title suggests.  And what happened to Aikawa was so tragic? All these years later, I still feel for her. But through, all the how hard times and struggle she was able to find who accepted her.

Goes to show, that even in your darkest times. The light can still appear.
So, have you read this manga before? And if so, what did you think?
For those who haven’t, will you look into it?

Let me know, Best Wishes

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