Hana Kimi 花ざかりの君たちへ




Hana Kimi is manga series serialize in 1996 by Hisaya Nakajo. The series ran until 2004 ending  with a total of 23 volumes  Published in Japan by Hakusensha’s  and in North American published by Viz Media.

Hana Kimi follows Mizuki Ashiya High school students currently living in United States, convinced her parents to allow her to study aboard back in her Motherland- Japan. Mizuki unbeknownst to her parents, enrolls in a Ohsaka Gakuen an All Boys Boarding School with the intent of saving her idol Izumi Sano. She eventually gets caught, but with the help of Sano and Hokuto Umeda the school nurse she’s able to maintain her cover.  For a while longer, anyway.

First things first, This is of the gender bender classified series.  Mizuki was pretending to be boy.  Aside from the fact that some Japanese males have feminine features and the assumption that she was really boy because of her accepted enrollment.  I still don’t understand how anyone could believe she was a boy.  Everything about her screamed girl. Young sis, doesn’t have masculine bone in her body.  

I’d also like to add, that she dead left America for Japan to rescue a boy she didn’t know.  I understand, she wanted to repay because he inspired her. She even enrolled in the same school. And given the opportunity, she chose to be housed in the dorm he was in.  If that’s not a little loony, then I don’t know what is. 

Nakatsu on the left, Mizuki in the middle and Sano on the right.

Sano was douche bag. Considering there first few encounters with Mizuki lack of tact, his annoyance was definitely understandable. 

The was Shuichi Nakatsu, aside from my bias towards him name. He was generally a rider.  And regardless, how many times she curved him (Unknowing at I might add) he continued to hold her down.  That type of bond is so rare.   He definitely deserved better then what he got.  Poor kid, was convinced he was gay for while to lady find out that he was attracted to a girl the entire time.  His best friend, that was also in love with was lying to him at every turn. That would mess with anybody head.

Something that really stood our for me was the sense of comradery among-st the students at Ohsaka Academy.   Feuding amongst the dorms was a daily occurrence. But their brotherhood was clearly stronger then those disagreements.  It was even bigger then then the lie that started this journey.  Mizuki true identity, didn’t matter because at the end of the day. She was one of them- Ohsaka Gakuen student.

I know I say this often but that is powerful. 

It show strength, loyalty and a understanding many people lack.

This manga series, if definitely worth checking out. 

Til next……

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