Dreaming of Marvel Runaways Live Action


Disney has been doing right by Marvels legacy so far. And too be honest, I was skeptical at first. Because Disney and I, have a love hate relationship.  But I digress, that is a story for another time.

A few years back, around the time of the buy out.There were rumors of a possible Runaways movie circulating on the net. I’m not sure whether, these rumors were true or pulled out of thin air. That realization would not sway me. Years later, I still love the idea.   A live action Runaways movie or Series (Tv or Netflix original) would be so dope.

I can picture it now.
A group of adolescence teenage heroes. X-men has that, but what differentiates these young hero’s and heroines.  Is the mere fact that they go at it alone. Without the guidance of figure like Charles Xavier, no ones opinions matter out side of their inner circle.
All things considered, Their lack of trust is totally validated.  How would you feeling after learning your parents have lied to you your entire life? And to top it all off, they were Supervillains. And shortly after, one of your own also betrays you.  It’s sort of like a coming of age tale with Aliens, Robots and Time Travel dinosaurs.
One of main reasons I think this comic series would make a dope live action is because the cast is so diverse.
Alex Wilder:  He was an introvert, who occupied his time by playing video games.  After shit hit the fan, his personality did a complete 180.
That should have been a red flag but when things came to light. I was just as caught off guard as the rest of the Runways.  Watching this play out physicially, would be pretty entertaining.

Nico Minoru:  aka Sister Grimm The Runaway’s Token Asian.  Nico gets emotionally tangled with two the resident psychos. Displaying stereotypical damsel in distress characteristics but over time she grows and takes on the role as leader after Alex death.  An Asian Female  group leader on American platform. Where they do that at?

Karolina Dean:  Codename Lucy in the Sky. Unlike her other team members she is not of earth.  Karolina is also openly gay.  But in regards to Lucy, the most interested thing surrounding her. Is her relationship with the Skrull Prince Xavin.  To went from rejecting Xavin proposal to accepting it in a matter of seconds.

Molly Hayes: Molly was only 11 years old when the story began. Genuine child nativity would bring this story full circle.  In her mind, it was all fun and games.  And in light of everything, that is amazing.  But Nothing I can say about Bruiser (Powerful Princess) is quite as appealing as  the fact that she socked The Punisher.  That was epic.
To spice up of matters a bit more. They could introduce  Xavin the Skrull Prince or Baby Ultron (Victor Mancha).

With Xavin comes various topics. Racial discrimination,  Xavin’s been portrayed as both Black and White. Other times, Xavin as been portrayed as man and in other scenes a woman. depending on the scene. I would also like the add that Skrull have no gender.  A portrayal of Xavin could really speak volumes.
Then there is Victor. The son of  Ultron’s. Do I really need to say more? That in itself is buzz worthy.

A Marvel Runaways movie or Series could really shake things up. This is why I feel the Marvel Runaway live action project is needed. I’d even settle for an animated project.

Hopefully somewhere down the line, it manifest.
In the meantime, I’ll keep my fingers crossed.

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