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Finally the Wonder Woman came out this past weekend I wrote past posts about the trailers Here that was released at SDCC and when the first rumors of the WW movie will actually go into production and that post is Here. I’ve been waiting for this movie because the past movies that DC has put out to start off the DC Universe were really bad and as a DC fangirl I really want them to take home a win and I’m happy they went all out for WW. DC did a great job with WW and I’m happy to say that if they continue down this path we might have some really good DC movies to look forward to.

Spoiler Alert

I went to the movies on Friday night opening night at that I usually wait a few days but WW looked like she would be worth the money for same day release. The theater was super packed and that’s my only reason for never going to movies on opening night. The previews before the movie itself was about an hour, I think it was to make sure everyone filled the already packed theater but my tickets were for 7pm and I left well after 10pm the movie is about 2 hours and a half so if you havent seen the movie be prepared to be there for at least 3 hours and a half. The preview was way too long for a movie that already over 2 hours the reason I complain about previews this time around is because I sat down for too long. Normally I can watch a movie that is 2 hours but I have to move after that I can’t stay in one spot for a long period of time, after sitting through the previews and hour 1 of the movie I was ready to start moving I shifted in my seat too many times to count and I probably annoyed the two people I was sitting in between.
JL_Wonder_WomanBefore the release of the movie many theaters had advance screening for women only to promote girl power and a lot of men specifically was angry about this, I know for a fact a lot more will be just as angry when The Black Panther screenings comes out next year. This movie broke records because of its female director Patty Jenkins and the amount of money Patty and Gal bought in for this movie. Throughout the whole movie I was s excited to see so much action and WW doing majority of it. I did have a few issues with a couple of scenes that I need answers for. In my previous post Wonder Woman SDCC Trailer Review. when in the trailer the scene where WW is walking into a party with a sword down her back, well finally seeing this scene play out I have to say they could have done better with this one. So when WW walks into the room all eyes on her and as she passes people they start whispering about whats down her back, guaranteed none of these people most likely never seen a sword before but there was security at the door and the sword is long so that right there leaves to the imagination because WW’s villain decided to dance with her hand on her waist or lower back and the sword doesn’t move or get noticed by the villain? I have too many questions as to why something with the sword didn’t happen because it was too obvious to not notice, also why didn’t any of the party goers say something? That has to be the biggest question I have for that scene.

This damn scene here!

There was another scene after this that baffled me. When Ares reveals himself after WW kills who she thought was the god of war, After all the introduction and WW’s confusion is over with WW realizes she left her sword in the other guys body and jumps back up to the roof grabs the sword then jumps back down to face Ares. Personally I don’t think I’ve ever see someone go back for their weapon they would usually duke it out right then and there no hesitation but Ares let WW do this and I didn’t get it at first until she actually hit him with the sword. Other than these two scenes I loved the movie I would go see it again because it was awesome and I probably missed a few things so watching a second time around sounds like a good thing.

This is one of the good movies DC has put out so let’s see how the next movie that apart of this universe will play out. I believe Justice League is next and WW will be in it so I’m looking forward to seeing if they will stay true to the characters or switch something up. After sitting through all those previews JL was one of them and the special effects already look amazing I hope DC doesn’t let this fangirl down. High hopes DC can make great movies like they do animation.

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