Baywatch Trailer

Today the Baywatch remake hits theaters and after watching the trailer above if you expect the movie to be all action-y, explosion and sexy bodies throughout the 2 hours of sitting then you’re on the right track. Alice and I got a chance to see the advance screening for Baywatch on Tuesday and we enjoyed the movie from start to finish. There wasn’t a dull moment at all it was entertaining from beginning to end.
I can’t believe how funny this movie actually came out to be I know Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson has been on a roll with the last few of the movies he’s been in, He’s hitting comedy hard and I notice that recently that he’s really staying in the comedy genre rather than just straight action movies. I’m happy he chose to stay with comedy because Dwayne is a really funny guy that has the body built for action movies. I hope Dwayne ventures out into more comedy movies.
baywatch-trailerZac and Dwayne together is a hilarious masterpiece, these two together is nothing but endless jokes and I swear if there was more dialogue in the movie they would continue to throw jabs at each other. I would pay to watch a movie of Zac Efron and Dwayne Johnson insulting each other that would be worth the money. Dwayne being a top favorite actor and Zac Efron being a key to some of our childhood memories with High School Musical it was like watching worlds clash. Seeing Zac outside of anything musical related is still taking some getting used to even though it’s been forever since HSM it’s literally all I can see when I watch him but this role Zac is a grown ass man like the thirst is real he looks really good body and all.

(L-R) Jon Bass plays Ronnie, Alex Daddario plays Summer, Zac Efron plays Matt Brody, Dwayne Johnson plays Mitch Buchannon, Kelly Rohrbach plays CJ Parker, and Ilfenesh Hadera plays Stephanie Holden in BAYWATCH; the film by Paramount Pictures

I recommend everyone go see Baywatch even if you know nothing about the TV series from the 90s its just a movie that make you laugh, If you’re going to see this movie to take everything they say to heart this isn’t for you there is countless jokes about dick and boobs so if sexual jokes isn’t your thing then don’t go see this movie. Slow motion is a MUST for Baywatch and honestly I thought it wasn’t enough slow motion scenes there was a lot of boob shots though, I know there was one to many nip slips during the filming of this movie. The villain of the movie is Priyanka Chopra and she was a great villan that helped made this movie even more cheesy than when it started. I must warn that this movie is very cheesy you can guess whats going to happen before it does but have fun with it and enjoy the movie.

At the end of the movie they hinted at a Baywatch 2 in the works with Pamela Anderson who by the way looks amazing and had the best slow motion intro ever. I would also advise staying after the movie ends all the bloopers are hilarious and it looked like the cast had so much fun making this movie. I would be interested in watching Baywatch 2 if they keep the cast the same. I already seen a few of the reviews for this movie and it’s really disappointing that so many people just go and criticize silly movies like this so harshly when it’s all fun. I don’t really read reviews on movies before I see them but if you do don’t believe the hate it was a really funny movie with a great cast.

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