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It is TheLinkedOne aka JayLink, reporting from SOULCIAL DREAMIN’ ENT. You give us your time, we will give you our insight as we express our vision by remaining soulcial with you all.

It was the 3rd and final day of Anime NYC 2023, I wanted to make this last day count for the con. As leaving the quiet room to rejuvenate myself for the next experience, I decided to check out the English Subbed North America premiere of Case Closed: The Scarlet Bullet.

The hostess was very nice, and accommodating and interacted with everyone in the crowd. Luckily I found a good spot where the movie is being viewed.

As it was starting, the last time I watched Case Closed was when I was a teenager back in 2005 on Cartoon Network. I still remember the core foundation of the series and was in awe on how the quality of the animation has matured. The quality of attention to detail, the environment, and the level of captivation has always been at it’s highest. Almost 20 years later from when I first set my eyes on this series, my tastes have matured as well. Some anime strays into CGI as others retain it’s core material and went for a different approach. Shortly after there was some technical difficulties.

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The hostess kept everyone occupied by starting the first wave of the sweepstakes. So as some questions were asked, rewards were given out to people who answered correctly. The line that stood out to me was ” it pays to play” and it literally paid off. The feed was no longer buffering, and the movie resumed. There was so much action which kept me focused. The laptop died off and wave 2 of the sweepstakes commenced. The prizes were amped up, it was no longer anime swag along with gift bags. The prizes that were given out was year subscriptions to Crunchyroll and a rare figurine of Conan Edogawa.

The Hostess asked this question to the audience and said, “What makes you a hardcore fan of Detective Conan/Cased Closed?” One person sold custom merch which was inspired by the anime. Which swayed the attention of the hostess along with watching the series avidly from when the anime first debuted. They won the figurine and there was trivia for the remainder of the second intermission. The rest of the movie played out and the ending was beautifully done. The Hostess gave an opportunity for everyone to participate in a survey and the prize pool was yearly subscriptions to Crunchyroll. I answered the survey and behold I won a year subscription to CrunchyRoll for doing the survey.

The moral of today’s story is, “It pays to participate.”

My overall experience with Case Closed: The Scarlet Bullet was very positive. (technical difficulties aside) The visuals were amazing, the overall story got me hooked and there were so much twists on who the suspect was.

Special Thanks to Anime NYC for providing us with the opportunity to cover the convention. None of this could have been possible without these badges. Stay tuned for more content as we are covering our experiences through the view of our lens. Staying Soulcial couldn’t have been anymore easier.

Case Closed: The Scarlet Bullet


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