First Thoughts: London Detective Story


London Detective Story is a dating simulation game that incorporates the legendary Detective Sherlock Holmes and his universe. You (the player) are cast as Jane, a recently widowed woman. In order to make a living, she decides to rent out one of her spare rooms. Which, brings both John Watson and Holmes knocking at her door.

James, Holmes, Jane and Watson

Based on my brief play through there are three possible paths, James, Holmes, and Watson.  My first impression: Holmes is rude but in all honesty. I’d imagine him to be somewhat arrogant based on who he is. He has no chill. Watson is a flirt which was probably the biggest surprise.  These types of games always have a flirty type. But Watson, it’s normally a character that is allowed to draw your attention. He’s Holmes Sidekick.  Lastly, we have James Morris who gives off the little brother vibe.

One of my favorite things about this game so far is the character designs.  The background artwork was nice as well. In addition to that, I enjoyed the puzzle solving element.  It is a mystery-themed game after all. Overall, the story seems pretty engaging.

London Detective Story is free for apple devices.  And is also available on Google Play.

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