Steamdeck Diaries – Episode 2 (Learning Linux)


January 13th 2023, I am learning the Linux operating system. It is very familiar to me and it isn’t all at the same time. Reading reviews and having something are two different monsters. I can see what people are complaining about with the SteamDeck, but it’s minor. It is a solid machine, but there is soo much to learn.

This is only for the 512 Model (First Night)

  • Anti Glare Screen is pretty good.
  • The etched glass doesn’t hinder the visuals.
  • Even though the display is LCD, the brightness makes up for it. This version doesn’t need to be an oled display.
  • I had to update the steam official dock before using it. (Literally had to plug it in)
  • Smudges are a minor complaint since the screen is literally a touch screen. Use the MicroFiber cloth or deal with the smudges.
  • it looks bulky, but the argonomics feel comfortable along with it feeling lightweight .
  • if I had to live with Linux as an operating system, I can survive on Linux.
  • Proton is a good runner for Steam Based Games on Linux, while Lutris + Wine is good runner for certain Windows.exe games that don’t have anti-cheat
  • Desktop Mode is hella impressive.
  • I literally fell asleep with my SteamDeck in the bed with me.
  • Windows games work so much better in Desktop Mode with Linux. But there is no way to escape Anti-cheat unless I am going to the route of Dual Booting. (Which opens up another can of worms)

Last but not least, I lost some sleep but it’s nothing coffee can’t fix. Linux is far from intimidating. I learned Mac OS as a kid, grew up with Windows and yesterday was the very first time I tried Linux. Customization couldn’t get any better with the Steamdeck.

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