Image result for Life is StrangeLife Is Strange is an episodic video game, where the choices you make affect the storyline. The game was developed by Dontnod Entertainment and published by the legendary Square Enix. This game is five episodes long.
LIS involves doing fetch quests, solving puzzles, branching choices, and making your environment change by reverting time. The game has great graphics and is played from a third person perspective. You are also able to interact with objects in your environment. Every choice the player makes changes the course of future events but you are only allowed to travel back and alter the past four times.

The game centralizes on Max Caulfield, a photography student attending Blackwell Academy who learns she has the ability to rewind time. Gaining the ability at any moment to change the course of her future endorsing the butterfly effect.
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The story begins in the town of Arcadia Bay, Oregon, in the 2nd week of October at Blackwell Academy. While in class Max’s has a vision, she foresees a huge tornado approaching her town from a lighthouse, engulfing all of Arcadia Bay. Max unsure of her vision begins testing her powers in class and found that she can revert time. Max goes to the restroom still unsure of her new power and witnesses her best friend from child hood, Chloe Price, arguing with another student named Nathan Prescott.

Nathan then shoots Chloe, and Max used her power to rewind time to prevent her best friend from being shot. Max with her new-found powers has to decide whether or not to use her ability to help the other people around her. Throughout the story Max must make many choices but, she is able to alter her decisions. With each decision, she affects the future, how it ends will depend on you.
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I really enjoyed playing this game, it was fun to play.  It was interesting! I like that you have the ability to change your choices and see other outcomes play out before you. Though some of the decisions are preset when comes in regards to Chloe.
If there is one thing I would critique about this game, it is that it was wrong of Chloe to risk her life the way she did, forcing Max to use her powers to save her. Chloe consistently put herself in harm’s way not regarding her friend and her feelings. Chloe watches her friend faint or catch a nose bleed and did not once tell her she should stop using her ability.

But, as I began to play a little of the new DLC, I began to understand Chloe and I see her in a different light. If you are interested in further learning about Chloe’s story, you can play the new DLC.
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The new DLC for Life is Strange, if anyone is further interested in playing more into the game it’s called Life is Strange: Before the Storm, where you get to play Chloe’s story. This is a prequel to the original story before Max starts at Blackwell Academy and is still living at home with her parents. The story takes place when Chloe first meets Rachel and Amber who is the missing girl in the poster in the first game.

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