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I decided to invest in the Digivice V, extended watchband straps from ERodsBuilds and started to collect a plethora of DIM cards from various sites along with Gabriel Restua who runs Snack Studio on Instagram. Once when I recieved the Digivice V in the mail, attempting to complete the digidex couldnt be any more easier. Also I can’t forget that I have learned and became an expert on taming digimon via the vital bracelet. Currently speaking as of 11/15/22, Bandai already made an American Version of the Vital Bracelet which is known as the Vital Hero along with the english dim cards.

I opened up the package and ran inside one of the bathrooms of my job which had a diaper changing station. I brought my precision screwdriver set from home and spent about 15 minutes to set up due to aligning the bands with the base of the vital bracelet v(Digivice V). It was made from a hard plastic. (I believe filament opposed to resin since it was 3D printed) I was slightly nervous since it was during my shift but I was off grid. I was able to play the excuse that I was using the bathroom and used air freshener after I was finished. The band was much wider, sturdy, lightweight, solid and very easy to clean. Since I sweat a lot, I use 70% alcohol to wipe the bands along with Q-Tips(Cotton Swabs) to go in the hard to reach places. Along with upgrading the bands, I was able to place my companion to sleep manually with the sleep function by holding [A (Top) + B (Bottom) ] buttons to enable the sleep function. This means that my precious vital points were saved. There would be days that I come home from work, take off my bracelet and forget to put my Digimon to sleep. For example Rookie Staged Digimon can hold 2500 vital points. Forgetting it for an hour can drop approximately down to 2200 or any random number as long as a pulse isn’t detected. I no longer have a problem with my vital bracelet detecting a pulse since the digivice v incorporated a different mechanism . There is a rocker mechanism which accumulates the steps and the firmware update lessens the steps required to accumulate vital points. The experience became easier. Not to forget the important feature, the digivolution timer stays ticking while your digimon is asleep. In the previous model of the vital bracelet, the digivolution timer will freeze. The clock will stop, did anyone say “Chaos Control”? But for real last but not least, the downside of this upgrade(which is potentially a win) is putting your digimon to sleep manually. The Digivice V allows DIM Cards to be limited to

Here is a image that I have screenshotted courtesy of Humulos.

The Quality of life features makes the Digivice V much worth the investment. I apologize for not mentioning the dim card limits in the first version of the Vital Bracelet. The original Bracelet can only support one vital bracelet per dim card at the time. However with the Digivice V, you are able to support 3 vital bracelets per dim card. Here is another breakdown I would like to mention.

  • OG Vital Bracelet models supports up to one vital bracelet per DIM Card
  • Digivice V/Vital Hero models support up to 3 Vital Bracelets per DIM card.
  • Last but not least if you are an original owner of a OG Vital Bracelet and have a Digivice V and want to purchase a Vital Hero, it can support up to 2 of the newer models and one of the OG Model
  • OG Vital Bracelet, Digivice V, Vital Hero Bracelet. (since they both share the same type of firmware which is different from its previous model)

My DIM Card collection started to grow and it became an addiction purchasing DIM Cards and it went from 2 DIM Cards to over 10+. It becomes addictive and having an extended backlog of dim cards mean that you won’t be able to complete them in a rapid amount of time. It gives me mental pressure where I feel obligated to complete them even though the experience is supposed to be cater towards your lifestyle.

Stay Tuned to my next post as it will be called The Digital Underground. If you think this makes the Vital Bracelet/Vital Hero experience much easier, there is so much the Digital Underground has to offer.

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