Streets of Rage 4 (Trailer)


As per usual, I am always late to the party. On this day I come to you my fellow nerds with great news. News that has shaken my soul, in a good way but it’s shaken non the less.

The trailer for Street of Rage 4 had been revealed and my body is so ready.

A love story between Publisher Dotemu, Developers Lizardcube, and Guard Crush Games are the teams behind this project.

Not sure if it’s a love story but for me, it is so I’m running with it, so let me live people. Streets of Rage a.k.a Bare Knuckle ベア・ナックル, is a trilogy of beat ’em up games developed and published by gaming Icon SEGA in the 1990s. With the first installment released in 1991 and two and three follow respectively in 92 and 94.
Streets of Rage 4, is a continuation of the 90’s cult classic. Axel Stone and Blaze Field will be reprising there role with a new character possibly in the party options of playable characters. I don’t know who that lady was that popped up during the trailer but the focus was on her in a way where I doubt she’s a villain.

This also leaves me wondering where Max, Adam, and Skate are. Maybe they’ll pop up as DLC options because DLC is forced heavily nowadays.

Streets of Rage is a gaming franchise that I loved as a young lass and even to this day, I can’t forget how it made me feel back then. My love was so real when I got older I tracked down the Sega Genesis cartridge copies of part two and three, I got a pretty good deal. I even have a copy of part two on my Xbox 360, it was fun but not the same.

That Sega Genesis Controller brings the fire. The mere thought of it gets me smiling every time and I am not even a smiley person.

One of my favorite things about this game was the dark, and gritty look of the city. It really felt like you were really out there fighting in these streets. Even as the positions of the character changed through the game installments, that remained the same.
Aside from the stories and the likable characters, I loved the music composed for the games. Yuzo Koshiro and Motohiro Kawashima delivered a solid body of work that heightens the gaming experience. I love all the soundtracks but Streets of Rage 2 has to be one my favorite gaming soundtracks of all time -8-bit flow.

A few years back when there were rumors going around about a reboot. It was more than rumors because I remember seeing gameplay videos but the project was dropped for whatever reason a while after.

Hopefully this will play out this time around. The gaming industry is in a better place in terms of release options. With platforms like steam, mobile gaming, and many others options.

The release date has yet to be set but either way I’m really looking forward to this.

Hope to see this come into fruition.

So what are your thoughts on new Streets of Rage release and what are some of the games you looking forward to?

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