SummerStage Presents: DNCE & B.o.B


Last week was SummerStage’s last free concert. The Summerstage concert series is  sponsored by Capital One Bank. The headliners this year was DNCE with B.o.B as the opening act and Questlove as a special guest, this was a weird combination of artists this year. Last year was Janelle Monae and Fun. who complemented each other because it was the same energy throughout the concert.

We arrived early to the concert location at Central Park’s Rumsey Playfield to get a pretty decent spot close to the stage. As we wait for the show to start we are blessed with the sounds of DJ Moma who has become a personal favorite of mine done last year. DJ MoMa catches the essence of a concert vibe, his set will have you dancing to the latest songs and mixing the oldies in for a perfect balance. That’s probably why I like him because my playlist is just as fun to listen to.

The concert begins with B.o.B coming on stage, I’m a big fan of B.o.B and have been following his music since his mixtape days. So a quick back story for the video below, I like to practice twerking because I want to be a decent dancer someday. I’m great at the 2 step but outside of that I’m off rhythm and can’t dance to save my own life. So B.o.B made my night by coming into the crowd and letting women twerk on him to my favorite song “Headband”. So the video below is a clip caught by Lizzo of me struggle twerking on B.o.B for a few seconds. Mind you I came from work looking like a hot mess in sweats, a baggy shirt and a hat that says antisocial like I thought he was going to walk on by but when he stopped by me I couldn’t let this moment pass.

Questlove took the stage after B.o.B and it was an old school spin. The crowd is full of mostly young people who don’t know most of the oldies he’s playing so it looked like Quest wasn’t taken well by the crowd but from in the audience we made the best of the situation with dancing and singing along with the songs he played, I’m assuming the people we were around are in our age group that had parents that listened to these songs until the CDs stopped working like mine did.

DNCE came on stage after Quest and the entrance they made I liked until they actually came out. So Circle of Life from The Lion King starts playing, I started singing along in confusion asking why is this song playing now, but there is a balloon lion on the drums so I’m thinking that DNCE is doing a Lion King themed something. The band members come out with lion masks on and I’m still confused and after jumping around for a while Joe Jonas takes the Lion Balloon and hold it over his head like Simba and then threw him into the crowd. That was probably the moment I realized that I will not be seeing DNCE in concert again but DNCE is very entertaining to watch since each member shows their personality on stage and have a connection with their fans.

Here’s a few cellphone photos from the concert, the concert was a lot of fun so we were enjoying ourselves.


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