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On Friday, November 19, 2021, we attended the My Hero Academia: Official Live Concert. It was co-organized by the Consulate General of Japan in New York, Funimation, and AnimeNYC.  This first-time event was in celebration of the North American premiere of My Hero Academia: World Heroes’ Mission which was released back on October 29th, 2021.  

Source: Video Game Orchestra (Twitter Page)

The MHA concert featured live instrumentation by Soundtrec, a Boston-based music production company founded by Nakama Shota. This five piece rock band featured bassist Louis Ochoa, Itoh Masato (on guitar), Leah Bluestein on drums and Keys player Derek Dupuis. Their resume includes Capcom Live! (band), and various anime and video game projects. Additionally, the show featured orchestral elements brought to you by The New York Orchestra. 

Special Guests included Hayashi Yuki, the composer of My Hero Academia, and other popular anime. They also featured intermission with members of the English Voice Cast: Robbie Daymond, Anairis Quinones, and Zeno Robinson. 

My Hero Academia: Concert Setlist

You Say Run

Watashi ga kita!!


Hero A

Hero 2 and more!

I liked to start off by saying, this was my first time listening to any of the music from My Hero Academia.  Getting to experience it live was so dope. It was loud, bright, vibrant, and boisterous like I’d imagine a superhero medium to be. It slapped. I’m a sucker for live bands and Soundtrec didn’t miss. Add to the fact that this was my first concert in three years, it really made it that much more memorable. 

Source: Video Game Orchestra (Twitter Page)

Nakama Shota was a charming host.  Seeing Zeno and Anairis on stage in all their melanated glory felt good. Robbie Daymond was his charismatic self. The concert hit its climax when Hayashi Yuki joined the band to play two final songs. They also brought vocalist AmaLee to perform English versions of Hero 2 and another song.

This concert was a movie. Epic in every way possible. It felt immersive, even for an outsider like myself.  If I can come into this blind and still be swept away like everyone else- Is so dope. That’s what I call a performance.

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