On Saturday, November 18, 2023, Shao Dow Performs at Anime NYC during the Annual Masquerade halftime show. Shao Dow is a Nerdcore Hip Hop artist from London. Known for rapping in both English and Japanese.  Also for anime and gaming-inspired tracks in UK Grime is styled which he refers to as Anime Grime.  Aside from a few social media clips, this was my first time listening to Shao Dow’s music.  And there is something magical about experiencing music live for the first time. Since my first impression is my first impression, I was generally surprised! This man gives off major Main Protag energy.  I’m here for it! 

First Thoughts on Shao Dow Performs at Anime NYC

If I can sum up his performance in three words- bold, loud, and energetic.  Listening to him dip in and out of two languages was fire-it was so seamless, there were times were I almost didn’t notice. The Anime Grime artist was joined on stage by fellow nerdcore artists Diggz Da Prophecy and Professor Kuro.  As well as the stylings of DJ Taylor Senpai. 

Shao was full steam ahead the entire time. Moving all around the stage leaving no space unturned.  Nailing his delivery, audience interaction and just being engaging.  The audience was kind of dead and unmoving. But he kept going and even encouraged the crowd to join. We could feel his enthusiasm in the back of the venue where we were seated. 

Shao Dow’s Set List

As I mentioned before, Shao Dow is a nerdcore artist and a lot of his setlist was packed with anime or video game-related tracks over Grime-type beats.  Like Dio Brando (Jo Jo Bizare Adventure), Levi Mode (Attack on Titans), and Boy (God of War).  He also performed Nani and maybe one or two other tracks. 

Observations of Shao Dow Performs at Anime NYC

I’m convinced he was just in front of the wrong crowd. The moment of confirmation came when the 90’s Pokemon Theme (in English) was played and the audience still didn’t budge.  Except for a few people. I’ve been in non-nerd spaces and seen this song go crazy. Or maybe we were just in a room full of Zoomers. But either way, I was surprised.  Whatever it was it wasn’t on Shao Dow. 

I also like how AMV’s (Anime Music Videos) were incorporated in the background while he performed.  He also incorporated strobe lights to add the feel. They were going ham with them. I feel like there was a missed opportunity to include an epilepsy warning or warning for people with light sensitivity. Instead of them having to find out for themselves because that’s just ass. Messed up to think that might have dampened the concert experience for some people. Drey and I were posted in the back so we didn’t notice.  Until I came across a Reddit post talking about the situation. So I thought it was important to share.

Overall, even with slight gripes.  I had a great time seeing Shao Dow Perform at Anime NYC. It felt immersive and was swept away by the entire experience. If Shao Dow comes to a city or con near you. Be sure to check HIM out!

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