Soulcial Sunday – Spotify Playlist Week 8


This week will be a little eventful for us before our next con adventure hits and we’ll be going to see The Lox and Young MA in concert in Coney Island. It’s a free concert sponsored by City Parks Foundation. There is a series of free events City Park Foundation does every summer in New York and each year it gets better and more creative with some of the events and concerts. This is how we saw Janelle Monae in concert and many others.

Speaking of Cons we will be doing press coverage for Liberty City Anime Convention in August. You can still grab tickets to the con it will be in Times Square, the heart of Manhattan. It’s always fun to see cosplayers and like-minded people having fun and August is the perfect in-between area for the weather because it’s not too cold or hot to cosplay.

We’ve done press for LCAC before and had a blast meeting con-goers and the staff. Heres the link to all of our past LCAC coverage. Our main goal this year is to cover more panels and events that are going on over the weekend.

Mark your calendars for LCAC August 17 – 19 2018!

Spotify Week 8 Playlist!

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