This weekend in NYC Liberty City Anime Convention will be taking place in Times Square and it will be jammed packed with tourists, new yorkers, and my personal favorite cosplayers. As we set into the weekend this week we have posts lined up for our press coverage of LCAC. The team has been preparing and working hard deciding on what to cover and the heat and possible thunderstorms happening this weekend. LCAC will be held in the Marriott Marquis Times Square same hotel as last year and I’m going to assume the main events will be held in the Edison Ballroom as last year since everything worked out perfectly space wise.

This will be our third year doing press coverage for LCAC and we appreciate them giving us the opportunity to actually do what we love. This week will also be crunch time for us to pump out all of our content and this time we’re going to try vlogging our experience at LCAC 2018. Vlogging is a new thing for us and we do want to work on bring our YouTube channel back up so we believe vlogging the conventions we go to will be our first step in the right direction to becoming consistent with our videos. We are super excited for LCAC this year and we’ll be posting like crazy on our social media so don’t miss out on seeing LCAC 2018 through our lens if you’re not going to this con. Follow our social media below!

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Our Past Liberty City Anime Convention Coverage

This week is also Week 9 of our Bi-Weekly Spotify Playlist which we hope you guys enjoy. Maybe we have introduced you to a few new artists and new favorite songs. In celebration of Hip-Hop’s 45th birthday on August 12th, we have a few Hip-Hop artists we love listening to even some oldies are on this playlist. We love music it’s one of the foundations in our friendship and even though Lizzo and I may not have the same taste in music one genre we always agreed on was Hip-Hop. Thank You to the pioneers of Hip-Hop and the artists that took it over and beyond with their creativity.

Have you been to LCAC before? If not does our coverage make you interested in attending next year?

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