Soulcial Sunday – Spotify Playlist Week 7


Another Soulcial Sunday another Bi-weekly playlist! This week has been a bit slow for us as we rest up and prepare for the upcoming cons we will be visiting and content we’re trying to put out. We’ve been trying to be more active with our YouTube channel and create a workflow that will work for us but it’s a bit of an issue with our busy schedules so we will figure that out so there will a visual aspect of SDE.

We’ve been working on trying to branch ourselves out so we can create the multimedia company we dream to have. There are so many steps we have to take to get to get where we want to be and we’re going to do this! You guys who interact with us on a regular basis we really appreciate you and you guys motivate us to keep going. We hope to inspire people to keep pushing for their dreams and personal goals through our platform. I hope we all enjoy this journey we’re on and focus on staying healthy both physically and mentally and happiness.

SDE Music Playlist Week 7

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