Soulcial Sunday: Anime NYC Convention 2022


Welcome to another Soulcial Sunday, it’s been a while since one of these was posted. It’s been a busy season and we’re trying to stay motivated through it all and stay on top of everything we plan to create. It’s hard to do with work, life, and family in the mix, but we’ll find our groove. We hope all of you have been well and having a great last few weeks of 2022.

The weekend of Anime NYC 2022 is coming to a close today. We attended Anime NYC as press and if you’ve been on any of our social media we have been super active with posting everything we’ve seen and done.

We wanted to welcome our new writer to the team @thelinkedone and welcome his first post on the blog The Beginning of Digimon’s Vital Bracelet Journey. We are very excited to have him a part of the team and we look forward to seeing future posts from him.

We will post our Anime NYC content across our platforms and write blog posts about the event and panels we attended. A lot of exciting things happened this weekend and we can’t wait to share.

If you follow our social media you’d know about some of the great things that have happened to us!

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