Hey What’s Up,
June was a pretty eventful month for us at SDE. Our trip to AnimeNext was successful. We had tons of fun as a unit and dropped content that spanned over a month.  Here a recap of our panels covered during the event.  With a brief summary below.


Behind the Scenes of Yuri On Ice with MAPPA (Panel)

Behind the scenes look on the new season of Yuri on Ice.  The MAPPA crew also discusses the vision behind the designs, color schemes and how real life influenced the production.

Bad Anime, Bad!! Panel

Essentially, a panel revisiting childhood nightmares in animation. Bad Retro Anime

CAPCOM LIVE! at Anime Next 2017

Concert overview, pictures captured by Drey. 

Supernatural Cats of Japan (Panel)

A panel about Cats in Japanese Mythology. 

Anime and America Cinema (Panel)

A panel about American’s relationship with Anime/Manga adaptations. 

Under The Bed: Horror in Anime & Manga

Simply put, a panel about the madness in Anime. 

Vocaloid Animation: Panel Review

Insider look into Hatsune Miku 

(5 Years Of) Japanese Indie Music

Panel introducing Japanese Indie bands.  

Final Fantasy: Love It or Hate It, They Still Have Your $$$ (Panel Review)

The woes of being a Final Fantasy Fan. 


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