As some of you may know, our team attended AnimeNext in Atlantic City, New Jersey early this month. One of our favorite events to attend when going to any anime convention is the Masquerade. All the contestant did a phenomenal job and we captured some of out favorites and posted them via our YouTube. I posted the videos below. So check them out and let us know what you think.  Also, don’t forget to check out our photography gallery.

Have a great weekend

Entry 3: Viktor (Yuri On Ice) by Take Your Breath Way Cosplay

Entry 4: Utena/ Rose of Versailles by Hi Chew Cosplay

Entry 5: Ruby, Hanamari and Yomanae by Kitkat Cosplay

Entry 6: Hanayuri Chan and Koba Cats

Entry 7: Puzzle and Dragons by Kiss the girl Legend

Entry 8: High school DXD

Entry 9: Kire­­­i Idols

Entry 11: What’s in a name – Erin Marie cosplay and Elder Sibling

Entry 12: Sword art online (Kirito & Sinon) – Bakasensei Cosplay

Entry 19: My Hero Academia – Lady Morning Cosplay

Entry 21: Studio Ghibli – Black Cat 9


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