This is the last day of AnimeNEXT and it’s really been a blast we have so much content to push out that we hope you guys think about coming out to Atlantic City for next year’s AnimeNEXT. This weekend has been a never-ending fun filled con full of cosplayers, events, and games. I’ve said this before there is so much space the elbow room is so amazing and AnimeNEXT always has something going on so finding things to do is an easy part but this year felt like there were so many choices that picking where to go will be the hardest part.

The games were a big part of one of Expectations of AnimeNEXT 2018 and I have to say that the games were so much fun this weekend. The arcade games were so much fun because the lines weren’t super long there really wasn’t a long wait time to get to play an arcade game and that made it more enjoyable.

We will be posting a lot of AnimeNEXT content over the next few weeks and on our IG profile the AnimeNEXT highlight will show our adventures throughout the weekend will be up for a few weeks so you guys can get a taste of the fun. We got the opportunity to interview Kenji Kamiyama and Caitlynn French which will go up on our Youtube channel soon. ALL OFF and Marina Kawano performed this weekend at AnimeNEXT and both performances were amazing and we were able to get a lot of great photos from the concerts as well as the Masquerade.

As AnimeNEXT winds down and everyone is on their way back home, lines will be long for buses, extra long car rides are probably the rewarding part about going away from home for a con, next years AnimeNEXT will be bigger and better.

Our Bi-weekly playlist is up and active this week we have songs from Demi Lovato, BTS, Lady Leshurr and more.

We hope to introduce new music to your daily rotation.

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