E3 Trailer: Watch_Dogs 2


 Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay

I played the first Watch_Dogs with Aiden I never owned the game so I never finished it I guess that’s something to put on my to-do list before this game comes out. I enjoyed playing the first one with the amazing graphics it was a beautiful to see and very entertaining to play in that open world. That was 2 years ago so I should go out and buy a copy and improve my skills before playing as Marcus.

 Now Watch Dogs 2 takes place around politics and social media with this year’s election it feels as real as ever because it’s what’s we’re currently going though. The game hits shelves November 16, 2016 and I’m super excited to escape America’s disaster of a presidential election that month by playing this. Hopefully this game doesn’t hit too close to home as having the corrupt politician getting elected but only way to find out is to play. The gameplay walk through is very informative just from playing the first mission this game looks and feels bigger and better than it’s predecessor. The graphics looks great I haven’t been to California yet but I’m sure am living there through the virtual world.


I enjoy games that let you play people of color just because white characters are usually our default choices it’s refreshing to play someone you can relate to, in my case I enjoy playing African American characters. Hopefully more games in the future let’s us customize characters we want to play.

One character I’m interested in other than Marcus is Wrench who we meet in this trailer and I really liking the mask he has on and his interactions with Marcus he’s already my favorite non-playable character. I’m also looking forward to this open world that is going to be available where we can play co-op with other players without having to leave our game, This sounds really interesting and I will probably meet a few new people with that option after playing solo for a while. The gadgets that Marcus has also makes the game seem more interesting too things are made by 3D printers and I’m somewhat obsessed with the way 3D printers at the moment so that’s going to be something I’ll be looking for while playing to see what else they created with these printers.

I sat through this developers walk through and it’s really informative to get you pumped up to play this game if you have time watch it and hear some of the features they added from gamers feedback about Watch Dogs.

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