E3 Trailer: Horizon Zero Dawn


Horizon Zero Dawn Gameplay

Taking place in the future where civilization as we know it is gone and it’s just humans and robots. I’m really interested in this game for the backstory and it’s female lead. I want to know how the world came to be this way and what’s with the robotic animals and dinosaurs? I have questions that won’t be answered until the game comes out.

 Now the main charterers name is Aloy and we follow her around as she tries and find out why the robots are becoming corrupt and attacking humans. Just from watching the trailer I will probably be playing this game on mute or while i’m listening to music, the voice over for Aloy is between bad and horrible but the plot looks promising to me.


 This game hit shelves February 28, 2017 and I will still purchase it due to the crossbow and features of the game I’m interested in. I want to play with Aloy because the movement and the fight scenes with the robots, I find that to be the fun part because I do have really good reflexes when it comes to being in tricky situations. I want to see if I can move just as well  in this game like the gameplay shows. fingers crossed when I do purchase this game that the voice over is not as bad as it seems in the trailer.

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