E3 Trailer: Telltale Games: The Walking Dead Season 3


I’m a big fan of this Telltale games series like I was hooked from when season 1 came out on IOS and I continue to play telltale games on that platform. I now need to upgrade my iPad because when I did play the Michonne mini-series it told me I need a iPhone 5 or better. Looks like I have to upgrade before fall hits so I can be ready to spend a day with Clementine.

Once I saw the trailer for this I was so happy they completed season 3 so soon. I replayed season 2 so many times playing all the alternate ending choosing many different choices and I have all 3 save files lined up for when this season comes out. I waned to point out that this looks really amazing and I wonder if we’ll get more combat opportunities like in the trailer it was one of my favorite parts of this series is being able to kill a walker.

Ya’ll see baby girl Clem out here with strangers again and she looks to be about 13? time has passed and Clem is a young woman now with a missing finger…I need a full backstory of her finger when this comes out like I can’t believe it. Now with Clem missing a finger makes me wonder did Kenny or Jane make it with the baby? Did a walker bit her finger for whatever strange reason? Did baby AJ do this? I have questions that need answers and summer needs to hurry on by so they can be answered.

I see that we have a markings thing going on this season and this guy with her in the trailer name is Javier and I saw the IGN showcase here they talked about Javier being an important part of this season which will be interesting because I wonder if they will have the same backstory  the marking as The Walking Dead comics and show does. I’m interested to hear Javier’s story and what happen to the characters we left off with.

Here’s the 20 minute video of the IGN Showcase

You know you really can’t talk about this game without mentioning the OG of it all Lee Everett. I never felt so bonded to a character ever. I’m pretty sure I’m not alone when it comes to Lee but I really start to think what if didn’t have to die? Lee died the stupidest way to die in a zombie apocalypse I personally feel if they we’re thinking to kill him off don’t do it. I cried that night after playing Lee’s last episode and I really wanted Lee to be with Clem forever to fight this battle but no matter what Lee went out like the warrior he was. Clem in a way is carrying the torch where Lee left off and now if something happens to Clem what is there to do after? Play as AJ? We started we Lee and Clem and eventually it will end with Clem I’m just hoping we get a few more seasons before then.

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