Press Play: Bobby Feeno – Flamingo & Koval


Arian Foster is a former Texan Football Player that pursued his love for music. Arian retired from Football in 2016 after suffering a lower-body injury. I first ran across Arian when he was promoting his new album under his stage name Bobby Feeno. His appearance on Desus & Mero (The Brand is Brolic!) Show on Viceland was the start of it all.

Arian Foster on Desus & Mero.

I fell in love with his humble personality and decided to take a listen to his music and I became an instant fan. The sounds of this album made so happy because it felt Hip-Hop I grew up on. A few songs are in heavy rotation in my Daily Rotation.

In a few interviews, I watched Arian explained he always had a love for music and decided to just do it. I felt that in this album that each song had its own vibe and really showed how versatile he is. The telling of his life and experiences throughout this project made it solid. I’ll be honest I didn’t think I’d like the album because of the infamous athlete turn rapper trend that happened in the 90s and early 2000s. It wasn’t a good time for music, it was funny but it was really bad. I will be referring to Arian as Bobby Feeno now. 🙂

The nostalgia I feel when listening to Bobby Feeno’s album is one that I’m always looking for when I’m checking out new artists. I’m always looking for music that sound like the artist cares about their craft. I was also introduced to a singer named Jack Freeman who is featured twice on this album, I find his voice so soothing that he was added on to my new music list. One thing I love about checking out new music is finding more new artists to listen to right after.


  1. intro
  2. watermelon sunrise (Featuring Jack Freeman)
  3. i still love h.e.r.
  4. gawd
  5. got it
  6. zeus blood
  7. Wine Bottles & Cheese
  8. lips (Featuring Jack Freeman)
  9. peace
  10. amen
  11. joy
  12. a friend a fan a kid
  13. suicide note

My Top 3

Amen was one the interludes on this track is funny to me because I know people that sound just like this man, attitude and all and the track bangs. Lips is another favorite that just melts my soul with the Hip-Hop and R&B vibes. Gawd is another favorite I can’t deny, Bobby snapped on this track.

I do have a habit of listening to the same 20 songs forever but I’ve been breaking out of the cycle and listening to new artists lately and I would love to see a few of them in concert. Bobby Feeno is one added onto the list because I can listen to his whole album without skipping a song and that’s rare for me. It feels so good to listen to an album and not have to skip a song. I genuinely love each song and if Bobby Feeno was to perform in NYC I’ll be there rapping along.

Flamingo & Koval is going on my classics list. I’m looking forward to new music from Bobby, I want to see what comes next. Bobby’s music was a breath of fresh air and I can’t get enough and I got more artists to find that fits the bill.

I’ll return with some more music Stay Tuned for more in our Press Play Series.

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