Will of Fire – Kickflamez



Kickflamez is an Emcee, videographer, and content creator from Huntsville, Alabama.

After a short hiatus, Kick is back with a new music video for his song titled Will of fire. WOF can be best be described as Trap meets Anime, with the rise of nerd culture, Nerdcore Hip Hop is also on it’s way up. For those unfamiliar with nerdcore, this is a great introduction.

 Smooth production, fresh delivery, with bars that resonate with fellow dream chasers. But at the heart of it all, Will of fire is a reflection piece. One that says after everything I’ve been through, I’m still standing. That’s admirable!

Check out the Will of fire below.

Beat produced by ChopGodLewi
Art Directed by Jaquan Kilgore
Cinematography By: Brianna Springer
Edited: KickFlamez

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