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'Enjoy, The Mixtape"

Long-time readers of our site may be familiar with the name Dezzy Yates. He is a Christian Hip Hop artist and practitioner of the culture through Rap, Dance, and Fashion. Two years after the release of Dream Big, Little One, our favorite pokemon trainer is back with a new project. Respectively titled, “Enjoy, The Mixtape which is a thirteen-track mixtape released under the Team Phresh Entertainment label.

Dezzy once described his sound as “authentic, unique, and creative.” 

I think it’s fitting but let’s get into it. 

First Thoughts

Life is full of ups and downs. We have to take the good with the bad. And since, it’s unavoidable,  embrace your wins and try to smile through your losses. Most importantly, though it all enjoy life. This was the vibe that I got. 

Enjoy, The Mixtape is nostalgic and fun. I could tell that was exactly what he was going for. This project was filled with clever bars and fond memories. The beats were dope and only helped to add to the time capsule effect that this project has.  I loved every minute of it. 

track list for Enjoy, The Mixtape by Dezzy Yates
Produced by: Lethal Needle
Mixed and Mastered by: The Alumni 


My favorite tracks are GrnBombr, Pidgeotto Flow, and Counting My BlessingsJacketpulledtight and The Art of Social Distancing are pretty good as well.  

This is a Mixtape you could easily listen to from start to finish.  I love that it was honest and that it felt like he was sorting things out as he went along. That made it feel very personal. Something that can definitely get behind. 

I will say that the Christian undertones are a bit bolder than they have been in past projects and I think that’s just due to the rough time he admitted to having had. Outside of the intro, outro, and interludes the music itself doesn’t come off as preachy.  

The only reason I mentioned it is because I think the project is something worth experiencing and I don’t want a difference in belief to be the reason you don’t experience it.  It feels good!  This is a project that you definitely don’t want to miss. 

Enjoy, The Mixtape

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