Activism Thru Hip Hop: The Chinatown Tour


The Chinatown Tour was headlined by Chinese American Emcee Jason Chu and Alan Z and African American artist Jamel Mims a.k.a MC TingBuDong. Taking place on April 14, 2022, at Mott Street Eatery, located in the heart of Chinatown, New York City. In honor of their new album Face Value, which centers around 100 years of Asian American History, and Viral 001, a project about the relationship between China and Black America.  

MC TingBuDong

Up 1st was MC TingBuDong. He is a Bilingual Rapper hailing from Washington DC. I didn’t understand a lot of what he was saying because it was in Mandarin, but I was vibing. I was also digging the video game homage, which came in the form of lyrics and visuals. The throwback Street Fighter countdown screen really warmed my nerdy heart. This masked Mc was really about his business. 

MC Tingbudong’s energy was infectious. Stage presence – engaging. His music selection was fun and suited for the occasion. Ya boy, I really got the party jumping off-early. After a high-energy performance full of rapping, singing, and dancing, it was time to pass the torch.

Alan Z and Jason Chu bless the stage at The Chinatown.

I’ve been a fan of Alan Z since 2016.  Finally, getting to opportunity to see him live was exciting. As for Jason Chu, I’m somewhat familiar, so I walked in anticipating a good show.  And ladies, fellas, and thems. That’s exactly what I got. The Boys came out swinging, and I was all the way here for it. 

The Chinatown Tour Set List

Alan Z and Jason Chu
  1. Asian American History 
  2.  Foreigner
  3. Making The Banned
  4. Crossing The Border
  5. Ride or Die 
  6. Family Style
  7. Bruce
  8. Model Minority
  9. New Eyes
  10. Yellow Peril
  11. Malcolm & Yuri 
  12. Sandra  

Acapellas and solo performances from Jason Chu and Alan Z.  High energy, impeccable vocal control, and Bars! They killed it. There were moments.  We captured some of them, but for most, you just had to be there!

One of my favorite moments from the show was when they performed Malcolm And Yuri. This song features MC Tingbudong and another artist named Wise Bexley. MC TingBuDong returned to the stage and killed it. The way they fed off of each other’s energy was crazy. I mean, I can tell they were really having fun. That feeling of doing what you love at a high level, there’s nothing like it. This Hip Hop head had a dope ass time too. 

Jason Chu, Alan Z, and MC TingBuDong

 I got the feeling that a lot of attendees weren’t folks who frequent Rap Shows. Because It took them a while to get the hang of the crowd sing along, these young men were able to bring in casual fans and culture enthusiasts alike for good times. Super impressive.!

Rap Shows, a lot of times, are intense.  This can be a turn-off for folks who aren’t entirely invested.  The Chinatown Tour was a lot more welcoming. And I fucks with that! If Alan Z, Jason Chu, or MC TingBuDong pull up to yo city. Don’t miss it! But in the meantime, Stream Face Value and Viral 001.

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