Music Spotlight: Jay Park – Ask Bout Me Ep

Jay Park EP Ask Bout Me

This is Jay Park’s long-awaited Roc Nation Debut EP and I have to say it’s better than I thought it would be. I’m actually surprised I like every song on this EP which isn’t something that happens often enough with albums I listen to. Jay Park really brought his A+++ game with this project from the beats to the features this EP is a great way to introduce new people to Jay Park and expand his fan base further.

Ask Bout Me Tracklist

  1. FSU (Feat. Gashi & Rich The Kid)
  2. Chosen1
  3. Sexy 4 Eva
  4. Million
  5. Yacht (Feat. Vic Mensa)
  6. Ask Bout Me
  7. Soju (Feat. 2 Chainz)

Listening to this EP over the weekend helped me find my new theme song. The song Sexy 4 Eva has a great bridge going into the chorus which made me love the song and now I want it to be my new theme song “Sexy 4 Eva”.


They tried to tell me you can’t always have it your way
They tried to keep me out of class up in the hallways
They tried to tell me that your looks will fade someday
Maybe you, not me b—h

Imma be sexy forever
Yeah, yeah, uh
Imma be sexy forever
Yeah, yeah, yeah
Imma be sexy forever
Oh yeah, uh
Imma be sexy forever
Yeah, yeah, yeah, uh

I’m getting hype listening to this song because this is how I feel about myself after finally gaining some self-confidence and self-esteem over the years. I never found a song that really expressed how I felt about myself until this song played. I have to give props to Jay Park for this one because this will definitely be a song on rotation for me I don’t think I’ll get tired of hearing it ever.

This song also made me have high hopes that other people will feel this way about themselves like you’re sexy and you look amazing, if someone says something negative about your looks hit them with the “Maybe you, not me bitch, Imma be sexy foreverrrrr” line and no matter how ridiculous you look to them walk away knowing, YOU DID THAT! and have a good laugh about it later.

Moving forward from publicly embarrassing ourselves with a good comeback one other song I wanted to mention is “Yacht featuring Vic Mensa”. I’m a big Vic Mensa fan and love his music and when I saw he was a feature on this EP I got excited and listened to this song first. As soon as I get onto Youtube miraculously Jay and Vic have a music video for this song and I have to post the video because it really fits the song. I got that old R&B vibe I miss so much in today’s music and that’s probably what I love most about the song.

Yacht – Jay Park ft. Vic Mensa

After watching the video I remember why Jay Park fans are crazy about him. This video is so simple like I appreciate the simplicity of everything from the song to the video. Another video I would love to see is “Sexy 4 Eva” I’m excited to see what he will do with a visual for that which will include the usual thirst trappin’ around for a good 4 or 5 minutes.

Another song I want to talk about is “FSU” which is another song that should be added to the bragging rights playlist that we all should have, It’s a great bragging song too. Hopefully, you guys can get into it I wasn’t really feeling Gashi’s verse because the song was chill and he talking about killing someone and threw the whole vibe off for me.
There’s usually a feature that could have been left off but artists always want to be respectful and let people do them, the flow of the song is thrown off once you hear what Gashi says. This is how it goes chill bragging with Jay Park then chill bragging with Gashi at the start of his verse then threaten to drop a body in a body of water then goes back to chill bragging with Rich The Kid. It’s too much going on when we started with one goal and that was to just brag but the hook and bridge are my favorite parts of this song and makes up for it.

[Hook: Jay Park]

Look at their faces, didn’t know I could fuck shit up

Look at their faces, didn’t know I could fuck shit up

Look at their faces, didn’t know I could fuck shit up, nah

Look at their faces, didn’t know I could fuck shit up, yeah

[Bridge: Jay Park]

Why you actin’ surprised, lookin’ at me with those eyes

I am not yet up on stage but I am back with the vibes

Why you actin’ surprised, lookin’ at me with those eyes

I am not yet up on stage but I am back with the vibes

FSU – Jay Park ft. Gashi & Rich The Kid

Soju is another favorite I want to mention because this is what Hip-Hop is all about embracing the culture and putting your twist on it. Jay Park embraces Hip-Hop and includes his Korean heritage and that makes songs like this exciting to hear when someone is so proud of who they are and they aren’t trying to fit into whatever mold they think will sell. Jay Park from day one has always seemed to be himself and always included his culture in his music whether it’s in Korean or in the English language. I appreciate artists that create music like this because as a music lover I love to listen to people putting their own spin on songs in this genre. Jay Park also has a Korean remix for this song on his page which I’ll link below.

SOJU – Jay Park ft. 2 Chainz

Soju Remix – Jay Park ft. Simon Dominic, Changmo & Woodie Gochild

Jay Park’s Roc Nation debut EP is a great listen and has replay value which really goes far and is great for an artist. I look forward to listening to future projects since his first one is solid, I have high hopes for Jay’s future with Roc Nation. Jay Park is currently on tour and will be performing at the Made In America Festival in Philadelphia, PA on September 1st & 2nd.

Are you going to listen to Jay Park’s new EP or have you listened already?

What did you think?

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