Late last year, we posted an interview titled: Capturing Emotion with Avery Liburd, where we touched on some pretty interesting topics. Now Avery is back with a new song called Sametime, produced by Pax and directed by Avery, himself, and Jiwon Choi.

So let’s dive right in.

Sametime can be classified as Lo-fi Hip-hop. This song touches on topics like friends, family, money, and the stresses that life brings. These topics are essential because there relate-able. These are things that most people have encountered at some point in their lives. This then brings about the question. How does one cope with these stresses?

Avery also gives us answers. Some people smoke, drink, some people skate and listen to music. It all depends on what your preference is. Others even cope thru faith, which is physically represented in the video. Visually the cinematography is just really lovely to look at. It feels like narration or merely a glimpse of Avery rambling off what was running through his mind. Given the opportunity, he takes the narrative a step further and incorporates Anime elements.

A hole in his chest to symbolize a loss of heart, which was something that befalls a Hollow in the animated series Bleach by Tite Kubo. While I’m personally not a fan of bleach, this was something that I was still able to appreciate. Artistically speaking, this adds another layer to the puzzle creating another opportunity to add to the video’s story, I really enjoyed it.

As for the song, the chorus I found to be really catchy, but the first verse’s delivery didn’t sit well with me. The second verse was a lot more solid, in my opinion, not only because it stood out a lot more to me but because it held conviction, it felt more earnest to me. I felt his emotions oozing off with every word, and that is so important.

While this isn’t his best work. It’s honest and has a message. It definitely has replay value.

So what do you think of Sametime?

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