Hailing from Saint Paul, Minnesota this Salvadorian triple threat is an artist to watch out for.   I first came across SΔLVMAKNAE two years ago randomly searching YouTube. It was a video sharing his experience auditioning for SM Entertainment.  SM? One of Premier South Korean Record Labels. That caught my attention right away.

Afterwards, I proceeded to watch his English cover for TXVQ’s Something. Fast forward two years, he’s growth is quite impressive. Even cooler, he brought his friends along for the ride. Forming a group called WNAX with friends TFR, Dio C and Ezylite being notable members.


Why should you look into him?   I’ll give you five reasons.

  1. He raps well. Showing a solid grasp of Emceeing. (He doesn’t consider himself one)
  2. He sings well.
  3. He’s Bilingual. He writes songs in English and Spanish. (He incorporates Korean)
  4. His sound is versatile.
  5. Over all the music is fun.

SALV is in the process of dropping his 1st album titled FALL (Finding A Lost Love).  An 8 track project being launched in segments in October 2016. Each week two songs will be released until the album is out in it’s entirety.  Feature list includes  Alan Z, TFR and Dio C. More to be revealed as the event continues.

For more info links are below:

Official Soundcloud:




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