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It’s common amongst anime bloggers and or fans to critic a series storyline.  Character design, animation and things of that nature.  But when was the last time, you’ve seen someone address the OST? OST meaning Original Soundtrack. It’s a such a crucial part of the process.  These songs  can make or break a project in the same way the script and pacing does. The soundtrack effect the story progression just as much as other elements more commonly discussed. it’s sort of eerie that we as times ignore this completely.

I’ve been blogging for quite sometime now. (A year via WordPress/ one year via Tumblr). It’s crazy that its taken so long to share My Love of The Ost.  Anime OST’s are my shit.  My love stems from my appreciation of both animation and music.  Anime OST, are the best of both worlds coming together- in harmony.  I also love how they are applicated. In certain instances they are placed to set the mood and in other moments used as part of the narrative.  They can you make you happy. They can make you sad. They can remind you of past experience.

So your probably wondering what are some of my favorite ost?
For overall projects:  I’d have to say Kids on the Slope 坂道のアポロン, Beck Mongolian Chop Squad  ベック and  Cowboy Bebop.  Yoko Kanno is brilliant. I cannot stress this enough.  A sleeper pick would be Kimi ga Nozomu Eien 君が望む永遠 aka Rumbling Hearts which is one another of my favorites. It was on constant rotation at a point in my life.  And how can I forget the  YuYu Hakusho soundtrack.   Neon Genesis Evangelion soundtrack was pretty awesome too.   The Inuyasha also had bangers.  And side from those listed above, here are a few sings that I still keep on replay.

Rose – Anna Tsuchiya (NANA)

Cry No More – Mika Nakashima (Blood +)

Rewrite – Asian Kung Fu Generation (Full Metal Alchemist)

Come – Namie Amuro (Inuyasha)

Sakura Kiss – Chieko Kawabe ( Ouran High School Host Club)

So what are some of your favorite anime soundtracks and or songs? Let me know below.

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    1. Every Heart by Boa is such a dope song. I like both the Japanese and English versions. But I’m privy to the Japanese version honestly. The Inuyasha soundtracks had a bunch of gems. But yeah, BoA is actually one of my favorite singers.
      As for Champloo. Unfortunately I haven’t watch this one. So I can’t really speak on it. But Nujabes is behind it. So I’m pretty sure it’s a dope track.
      Thank you for dropping by.

  1. I will introduce another category:
    When the theme song is better than the anime:
    I never could get into the anime “Air”, despite the favorable reviews. I LOVED the opening theme song, and it always fired me up.
    One of my favorite themes ever, even though the series was a dud (for me).

    1. I saw Air a few years ago actually. I enjoyed watching it but it isn’t a anime I would probably rewatch. So the theme slipped my mind. So I’ll definitely have to revisit it. thanks for sharing.

  2. I agree with you. The OST can make the anime very memorable. My best nomination for OST would be Your Lie in April. There’s a lot of piano piece that brings forth a lot of emotion to the listener. Anyways, great post to remind the importance of OST!

  3. Thanks for this post. Made me remember some of my favourite anime theme songs – I like quite a few slice of life, cute anime and even though the songs are almost annoying cute, they tend to stick in my brain – Usagi Drop was one. I’m glad the “Your Name” soundtrack is doing really well too.

    1. I think slice of life might be my favorite genre. Magical girl type stuff is pretty cool. I don’t mind cute at times but in small doses. LOL
      But yeah, Thank you reading and commenting on my post. I appreciate it.

  4. The soundtrack of an anime or any kind of visual entertainment is very underappreciated. The soundtrack for the first and second seasons of K is aperfect example, something about the music just immerses you in what’s going on in the show.

  5. I get so nostalgic whenever I hear Dragon Ball & DBZ OST’s. Anyone remember Makafushigi & CHA-LA HEAD CHA-LA? Ahaha. I can’t help but stop and sing along whenever I hear it. I also love We Are! from One Piece. It has several versions, but they’re all good. I like Bleach’s ending theme song “Life is Like a Boat” by Rie Fu. Such a good song. Ah, there are so many OP & ED theme songs that I absolutely love. Speaking of Blood+, I like Aozora na Namida by Takahashi Hitomi more than Nakashima Mika’s Cry no More. Anyway, good post. Keep it up. Cheers!

    1. dragonball songs always feel nostalgic.
      i also really liked brand new map by K. Blood plus had a bunch of dope songs.
      thanks for sharing.

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