Beatriz Torres is an aspiring Aerospace Engineer chasing her dream job (working on the first Space Colony on Mars) and in order to be considered for the internship, she needs a LUFF Score. A LUFF score is romantic equivalent to a good credit score and when’ Bea’s forced to seek hers out how would she deal with the results.

Written and Illustrated by AreChan


I’ve been following LUFF since it first debut on US WEBTOONS site. To be honest, I didn’t think I was going to like it because based on the description, it didn’t seem up my alley. And I was sort of right because It took a while for me to really get into it. The man reason is Beatriz herself.

Bea is refreshing. She’s smart, ambitious and hard working. She’s kind without being a pushover. When she feels disrespected she can be a little saucy. As far as I’m concerned, this is positive representation and its realistic because she isn’t without flaw.


As far as her LUFF prospects go, I’m leaning more towards Julian then Daniel. But let’s keep it a buck, Daniel’s mother is annoying as hell. She’s getting creepier with every encounter. I know they say wealthy people are eccentric but this lady is just crazy. at me. I’m biased. I know at some point I might feel different about him but right now I’m just not feeling him and his meddling mother is just the tip of the iceberg.

I another character I really like is Bea’s best friend Lily. Hail the Afro-Latino Princess. All jokes aside, Lily is a friend that we all need. She listens, gives advice and knows when to just be present.

Why should you check out LUFF?

  1. The artwork is really pretty.
  2. The main cast is Latinx. I love how from time to time Spanglish is incorporated.
  3. Their outfits have a drip.
  4. Beatriz Torres is the truth
  5. Plus, It’s free 99.

Most importantly, this gives the opportunity to support diverse stories.

LUFF is available on the Line WEBTOON website and app.


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