Furby's are Evil (TattleTail Overview)


If you thought Furby’s are not evil- think again. Tattletail is a horror indie game created by Ben Esposito and Geneva Hodgson. After, playing this game I have never been more afraid of Furby’s and Hatchimals. The Tattletail doll is the most terrifying toy but, it’s no comparison to its mother Mama Tattletail. This game will change the way you view your toys.Image result for tattletail
The game involves, a young child eager to open his Christmas Present before Christmas…big mistake. When the child opens one of his presents 5 days before Christmas he finds a talking Tattletail who looks uncannily like a Furby .The talking Tattletail is now awake and moving.  Now you must care for the toy by doing the following task. You have to BRUSH, FEED, CHARGE, and put back the Tattletail without your parents knowing or the blood thirsty Mama Tattletail who is trying to kill you.
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The Tattletale wakes you up every night to play. It magically unboxes itself and wants to play a game that nobody wants to play.  The poor traumatized child must play the game every night with only a flashlight and toy in your hand in the dark.

The scariest toy in the game is Mama Tattletail, who chases you around the house and the only way to avoid her is to turn off your flashlight, hide, not move, and keep the Tattletail from telling Mama Tattletail you’re neglecting it. Your goal is to not get caught until Christmas and you do so by following all the tasks that Tattletail gives you.
I would recommend playing this game in the dark to have the full experience. You can find and purchase the game on Steam.  It may come out for a -system but, it has yet to be announced.

Game: Tattletail

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