Liberty City Anime Convention 2017 (SDE VLOG)



The Summer has come to an end. Things have been pretty interesting for us at SDE. In October, our two-year anniversary is coming. And while we’ve made all kinds of strides towards our dreams. We’re always looking towards the future. How can we better your experience as viewers? And also, how can we get build our community at SDE?

We decided to try something a little different. Our Vlog in the past, have been more about the Conventions or events themselves. Now, not only will you get to experience events that we attend through our eyes but you also get a chance to see the team more closely.

At times, we wild out and now you have a front row seat.

Below you will the Liberty City Vlogs from 2017 and 2016. Please check out both videos and let us know which style video do you prefer?

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