#Killstagram: Modern Cautionary Tale


I remember when people used to exercise caution when it came to the internet. Having an alias and some level of privacy was a must. The reality was, that for the most part, we had no idea of who we were interacting with. It could be anybody. But that wasn’t even an issue, rather, it was the intent of the person on the other side of the screen. As time went on, things gradually changed and nowadays people share way too much. The age of social media and throwing caution to the wind has led to stories like #Killstagram. 

#Killstagram: Modern Cautionary Tale

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#Killstagram is a webtoon by Ryoung, which follows a 21-year-old social media influencer by the name Remi Do. After a string of murders take place, she becomes the next target. 

#Killstagram is a cautionary tale in every sense of the word. Not in just regards to the social media aspects, but in real life too.  Every decision you make, even when in fight or flight mode has consequences and can affect the countless people around you. How both your decisions and influence are interconnected. Which I think is something we could all learn from.    

So It Begins……

Remi has been handed L’s her entire life.  All she really knows is fight or flight. When it’s you against the world, you move accordingly. I get why she made the decisions that she did. Why she moves and acts as she does? She was groomed to be that way.

Source: Webtoons.com

I think what makes this story so compelling and tragic, was that even with her shortcomings and all the traumatic events Remi had been through, she was still worried about being a good person. To me, that’s crazy. She was a solid and transparent person through and through.   A fighter!  One who paid for that bravery.  She just wanted to be loved and all she ever got was terror. As messed up as it sounds, sometimes that’s life. 

But that’s what makes this story so good.  It’s chaotic and messy! After it’s all said and done leaves you feeling raw. I was super conflicted at the end. Ya girl was sad, angry, and even a bit relieved.  I shouldn’t be relieved! Things shouldn’t have escalated to the point where the only way for her to be okay was in death.  That in itself is really fucked up. 

Source: webtoon.com

And I am changed for it. Even angrier as I write this review. #Killstagram is the manifestation of things we warn users of the world wide web about. It is why internet safety is a thing, and why we shouldn’t judge books by their covers. Be careful of who you let close to you. Internet mob mentality has consequences. I could go on and on about this.  But I’ll leave you with this.

Jia Lee is a rider. If you have people like this in your life, cherish them and ride for them just as hard. Be kind to people.  Protect yourself! And check out #Killstagram. 

#Killstagram: Modern Cautionary Tale

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